Company Profile


Election Data Services Inc. is a political consulting firm specializing in redistricting, election administration, and the analysis and presentation of census and political data. Election Data Services was founded in 1977 and over the past 39 years has developed a variety of consulting services and political information products for businesses, associations, and governmental organizations.


Election Data Services’ involvement in redistricting dates back to the late 1970s and projects for the Houston (Tex.) City Council and the Illinois and Michigan Legislatures. Election Data Services has since provided redistricting software, databases, and data analysis, consulting, and litigation sup­port services to governmental organizations in more than half the states in the nation. In the mid-1990s, Election Data Services developed software to assist states participating in the Census Redistricting Data Program – the Block Boundary Suggestion (BBSP) and Voting District (VTDP) Projects. The firm also developed software for the U.S. Dept. of Transportation to distribute to 400 metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and state transportation departments to delineate traffic analysis zones (TAZs) for the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP).

Election Administration

For the past 39 years, Election Data Services has monitored developments in election administration. In the early 1990s, Election Data Services developed the PRECIS® Precinct Information System for ArcView® GIS. PRECIS uses a Census TIGER base map and geocoded registered voter files to provide tools for delineating voting precincts and assigning voters to precincts and dis­tricts. Election Data Services also provides files of county-level election returns and voting statistics, data on voting equipment usage, and contact information for state and local election officials. The firm also conducts research on issues related to voting equipment, voter registration, and election administration. In 2004, Election Data Services tabulated and analyzed responses to three nationwide surveys distributed by the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) under the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).

Political Information

Over the past 39 years, Election Data Services has developed political information products that include congressional and legislative district boundary files and ZIP+DISTRICT data files linking postal ZIP Codes to congressional and legislative districts. With the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, Election Data Services regularly publishes after each November general election a poster with maps showing the winners by political party of selected federal and statewide contests.

Kimball W. Brace
President, Election Data Services Inc.