Election Data Files

County-level election returns and voter participation statistics

Election Data Files contain county-level tabulations of election results and voter participation statistics from November general elections in the United States. The tabulations of election results are for the following federal and statewide contests: (1) president of the United States, (2) U.S. Senator, (3) U.S. Representative, and (4) governor. Voter participation statistics include (1) estimated voting age population (VAP), (2) voter registration, and (3) voter turnout.
The county-level tabulations of election results are available for all November general elections in all 50 states since 1988. In the state of Alaska, the tabulations are for election districts, rather than counties. In the six New England states, where elections are administered by municipalities, the tabulations are for cities and towns. The county and municipal tabulations are summed to statewide and district-wide totals.
Each contest includes the following tabulations of the “raw” vote:
  • Votes for the Democratic Party candidate
  • Votes for the Republican Party candidate
  • Votes for all other candidates
  • Total votes for all candidates
  • Plurality of votes for the winning candidate
Votes for independent or minor party candidates are reported whenever an independent or minor party candidate has placed first or second in an election contest or when the candidate was nationally prominent, such as the 1992 presidential candidate, H. Ross Perot.
In addition to the raw vote, the votes for each candidate are reported as a percentage of the total number of votes for all candidates. Voter participation statistics, such as VAP, voter registration, and voter turnout are also reported as raw numbers and percentages. Voter registration by political party is available for states that compile and report such data.
Election Data Files are available in the following formats:
  • DBase
  • Excel
  • Fixed-length ASCII text
  • Quote and comma delimited (“”,) ASCII text
Election Data Files cover the country as a whole and are priced at $950 per election year.
To obtain an Election Data File or more information about our election returns database, please contact sales@electiondataservices.com or call Kimball Brace at 202–789–2004.