Historical Voting Equipment Usage, 1986 to 2014

Historical Voting Equipment Usage, 1986 to 2014


Massive Historical Voting Equipment Usage Poster, showing usage for each election between 1986 and 2014

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Massive Poster showing nationwide maps of voting equipment usage for every county in the country for each November general election between 1986 and 2014. Maps show in color the generic type of equipment in use (Punch card, Optical Scan, Lever Machines, Electronic Machines, Paper Ballots, and Mixed systems) for in-precinct voting. Nationwide statistics provided for each system showing percent of counties and percent of registered voters using the particular system for each election. Historical line sharts also depict these two statistics for same time period. Posters are individually plotted for order. Plots are almost 11 feet long (130 in.) x 42 in. high