Data files linking ZIP Codes to congressional and legislative districts

ZIP+DISTRICT is a database that links five and nine-digit USPS (United States Postal Service) ZIP Codes to 435 congressional districts and some 6,000 legislative districts, including districts for the upper and lower houses of 49 state legislatures, Nebraska’s unicameral legislature, and the Council of the District of Columbia. There are six ZIP+DISTRICT data files, and each file is available for a single state or the country as a whole.


File Type


5-digit CD

ZIP Codes and congressional districts

5-digit LG

ZIP Codes and state legislative districts

5-digit ALL

ZIP Codes and congressional and legislative districts

9-digit CD

ZIP+4 codes and congressional districts

9-digit LG

ZIP+4 codes and legislative districts

9-digit ALL

ZIP+4 codes and congressional and legislative districts